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SOCCERWISE® is a fitness, training and development program, developed by Andrew Freund, that focuses on ‘understanding the game’ of soccer.
The SOCCERWISE® program is ideal for boys, girls, women and men of all ages.
SOCCERWISE® is available for corporate groups, schools and birthday parties.
SOCCERWISE® is perfect for anyone with an interest in soccer and caters for any fitness or skill level.
The SOCCERWISE® philosophy is based on the WISE principals:

Wisdom: an understanding of the game
Improved fitness
Skills development
Enjoyment of the game

These four elements are the cornerstones of the SOCCERWISE® program and cover all that is required for participant development and satisfaction.

Under Armour 

Starting in 2012, the club is excited to announce the involvement of Under Armour as our official under garment compression supplier. Keeping with the laws of the game Under Armour has provided compression wear the same color as the team kit. 

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